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The Annals of „Eftimie Murgu””University Reşiţa (UEMR), Economic Studies Fascicle, was for the first time published in 1994, from then on registering a certain ripening of the scientific results nurtered by this journal. The journal appears annualy in November.

Along the time, in the UEMR Annals, Economic Studies Fascicle, have been published scientifical papers belonging to the academic researchers from the economic field of Reşiţa, Timişoara, Arad, as well as well- known researchers from all over Romania and abroad. Once with the process of development of the UEMR, of the Economic and Administrative Sciences Faculty, our journal gained in consistency, both in a quantitative and a qualitative way. With each year, we have established a more and more pertinent system of review, in accordance with the valoric criteria of the papers published in the Economic Studies Fascicle, The UEMR Annals. The recognition came gradually, with the development of scientifical connections and common activities that took place in the international consortium that our faculty accomplished and in the same time, with the dissemination of results, that came from reasearchers from inside the country and from abroad. Currently, the validation of the scientifical papers is realized by proffesors with a high international reputation, that are part of the Editorial board or of the Scientifical Commitee. They are interested in promoting current and useful scientific results, both for the Romanian economy and for other emergent or develoved economies.

Each issue of the journal, after a double-blind review process, realized by at least two professors with international visibility, keeps in an objective way papers from known international researchers as well as papers from known Romanian researchers. Part of the unpublished scientifical papers will enter in the process of reviewing in the following issues, in the manner that our journal will try to keep constant the number and structure of the published papers, trying to emphasize upon the economical aspects that are issues of international debate and can offer global solutions.


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